We are a team of seasoned DevOps engineers, experienced in managing high-load projects. Specializing in resolving complex challenges and everyday infrastructure maintenance, our focus is on identifying the best technological solutions to meet business objectives. Our clients value us for the peace of mind we provide. We are committed to preventing issues and implementing comprehensive solutions, rather than relying on temporary fixes.
WiseOPS.team and our mission
Established in 2013, our team of DevOps engineers initially focused on supporting an extensive network of entertainment websites.

By 2021, we realized that our expertise, including developed scripts, process automation, and training capabilities, offered significant value beyond the entertainment sector to the broader IT industry. This realization spurred our expansion into new markets, actively seeking outsourcing opportunities, recruiting additional DevOps talent, and intensifying our training efforts.

Our infrastructure boasts over 200 servers and virtual machines, management of more than 1000 domains, and oversight of 300+ diverse sites and services. We operate two clusters comprising 80 servers, enabling us to handle over 10 PB of traffic and store upwards of 400 TB of content every month.
Empower your team with our engineers
Strengthen your business with
  • Den H.
    DevOps Team Lead, engineer
  • Inna Ch.
    DevOPS support manager
  • Artiom C.
    Head of Business Development
  • Andrey S.
    DevOps engineer
  • Ivan G.
    DevOps, Security Engineer
  • Valentin M.
    DevOps engineer
  • Vadim S.
    DevOps, Product Manager
  • Vlad Z.
    DevOps engineer
  • Maxim V.
    DevOps engineer
Who's on the team
DevOps Engineer
A pivotal role that bridges development and operations, tasked with building infrastructure, setting up automation tools, CI/CD, and overseeing development processes.
System Administrator
Manages and maintains both physical and virtual servers, along with network infrastructure.
Solution Architect
Designs the overall architecture of applications and infrastructure, determining system structure and component interactions.
Ensures the stability and availability of web services by merging development skills with infrastructure management to prevent failures and maintain high performance.
Cloud Engineer
Specializes in working with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), focusing on building, managing, and optimizing cloud infrastructure.
Technical Writer
Produces documentation detailing application processes, APIs, functionalities, and customizations.
Automation Engineer
Charged with automating development, deployment, and maintenance processes using a variety of automation tools and scripts
Data Analyst
Analyzes data, handles large volumes of information, and generates reports to aid decision-making.
Security Engineer
Concentrates on application and infrastructure security, integrating practices and tools to safeguard the development and operations processes.
Product Manager
Guides product development strategy, defines requirements, and sets development priorities.
Release Manager
Oversees the planning, managing, and coordinating of software releases, encompassing version control and deployment strategies.
UX/UI Designer
Focuses on user interface and experience, crafting application designs to enhance usability.
Develops code, applications, and services, which are integrated and deployed by the DevOps team.
Machine Learning Engineer
Develops and integrates machine learning models and algorithms into products.
QA Engineer (Quality Assurance Engineer)
Ensures software quality by conducting application testing, implementing test automation, and maintaining software quality assurance standards.
Machine Learning Engineer
Develops and integrates machine learning models and algorithms into products.